Do I Really Need a New Control System?

If your business is like most, budgets are tight and money for capital projects is not easy to come by. Even when the money is there, who wants to spend it on something they don’t necessarily need? 

Nobody. We don’t want that for you either. 

Thankfully, there’s another option: Retro-commissioning. Retro-commissioning is applying the same steps of the quality assurance process used for new systems, called commissioning, to existing installations. Simply put, we can take your existing system, test it, fix it and add to it to meet your current needs and position you for the future, all at a fraction of the cost of a new controls system and with a typical payback of 2-3 years. 

Lighting systems are typically reliable, but they are sensitive to user error. Often, users disable lighting and controls, whether purposely or inadvertently, while attempting to adjust the lighting. With retro-commissioning, we can eliminate all systemic, repeated failure of devices while ensuring your system meets all your specifications.

With some basic upgrades, your system can not only work like new, but it can leverage data points that likely were not available when the system was initially installed to enhance energy efficiency. For example, we can now use data to improve the efficiency of warehouse staff or to understand where to place products in a retail environment for higher sales.

Cloud-based systems are making all the difference when it comes to system maintenance and service. When most of the advanced control systems in use today were being installed in the 2000s, the notion of cloud-based systems was not received well. Most businesses had an isolated server. Now that the industry is ready and willing to move toward cloud-based systems, we are migrating those isolated systems to the cloud. 

How does this benefit you? 

Now, technicians rarely need to come to the site for maintenance or repairs, as they can access the system remotely. With the original systems, we wouldn’t know if the system was not functioning properly unless a customer advised us. Today, advanced lighting system manufacturers can proactively fix issues remotely before staff on site even know there might have been a problem.

The systems retro-commissioned today are truly “future-proof,” meaning we can continue to add on and upgrade them without starting from scratch. Retro-commissioning can result in a 95% energy savings when done correctly, positioning your building for the future in the most cost-effective way possible.


Do you want to learn more, or are you ready to get started? Contact SBT Alliance today for a Controls Audit to see how well your current system is functioning and discover opportunities for energy savings.