Delivering Smarter Solutions

Smarter Building Technologies Alliance redefines how energy efficiency and IoT-based control projects are engineered, deployed, optimized, and supported long term. By pooling the strengths of our internal factories, SBT Alliance streamlines efficiency-based projects and simplifies the deployment of networked controls solutions. All with the goal of empowering our industry partners and end user clients.


Who we are

SBT Alliance is home of three industry-leading companies: Direct Discount Lighting (DDL), Integrated Advanced Controls (IAC), and Glued Solutions (GSI).


By combining like-minded companies with complementary business models, Smarter Building Technologies Alliance is redefining how energy efficiency and connected IoT solutions are delivered to market and optimized by end-users.

Direct Discount Lighting

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Direct Discount Lighting (DDL) is the industry’s leading supplier of LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing applications...


Integrated Advanced Controls

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IAC's innovative services bring together lighting & controls manufacturers to fixture-embed Advanced Controls technologies into leading LED luminaires.


Glued Solutions

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Glued Solutions (GSI) is a leading provider of wireless building control system provisioning, configuration, maintenance, and application development services.


How We Do It

In an effort to simplify & streamline the process, helping you control costs & ultimately win more bids; we’ve bundled our services into 2 solutions:

SBT Alliance End-to-End Solution (EES)

Our efficient End-to-End Solution offering pools together the unique products and services of each SBT Alliance company to provide you with a single streamlined solution that covers everything from A to Z of a project, including LED fixtures, Advanced Controls, Programming, and System Support.

SBT Factory-Based Solution (FBS)

Our flexible Factory-Based Solution allows you to mix and match the various products and services from one or more SBT Alliance company to create a customized solution that best fits your specific need. Whether that’s a cutting-edge LED without controls, or custom application development for your existing IoT-connected lighting system our Factory-Based Solution gives you the freedom to align with the SBT factory of your choice.

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