Shipping Terminals / Ports

As the lifeblood of global commerce shipping terminals are charged with keeping entire industries moving forward. This constant flow of goods often requires a 24/7 operation – not to mention challenges posed by the weather and harsh seaside environments where shipping terminals typically reside.

Simply put: Battling these logistical and environmental challenges is no easy task when looking to upgrade to the latest LED lighting and IoT-based controls technologies.


Utilizing our network of industry partners and factory-direct sourcing capabilities, our project engineers specify only the latest in LED lighting and IoT control technologies. Moreover, SBT Alliance project engineers ensure that any specification is best suited to combat the harsh and often extreme outdoor environments of shipping terminals. Safeguarding the longevity of your updated lighting system and overall return on investment.


As a seaport operator you know more than anyone else that competition for container traffic is fierce. You also know that those ports and terminals that have the most efficient operations are the ones who tend to win the most business, increase profits, and take home a larger piece of the pie. Cost reduction through upgraded LED lighting and advanced control technologies are two strategies that combat operational costs.

By replacing antiquated terminal, crane, and container storage lighting with new LED lighting and advanced controls can save upwards of 75% on energy-related costs.


As fixture lumen outputs increase exponentially, today’s LED lighting solutions are now brighter than ever. But brighter isn’t always better. LED glare, distribution, and controllability are all key aspects of light quality that must be considered. That’s why SBT Alliance project engineers ensure that our specified solutions deliver only the light your facility needs. No more. No less. No glare.


Properly defining light levels throughout your seaport terminal is critical to ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of employees. SBT Alliance engineers not only work to ensure proper light levels are achieved but go a step beyond to provide additional IoT-control solutions that ensure environmental light levels evolve as space usage changes over time.


Let’s take the first step in working together and defining how Smarter Building Technologies Alliance can start making your life a little more efficient, streamlined, and interactive.