SBT Alliance & Silvair Partner Update

Hi all. In this Post-LFI update, I wanted to take a deeper look at the announcements that our IoT-Controls Ecosystem partner, Silvair, made at this year’s LIGHTFAIR® conference.
In case you aren’t aware of who Silvair is, Silvair is a leading software controls company that builds IoT-based solutions that utilize Bluetooth mesh technology. The Silvair Platform is a technology and service platform that includes digital tools for commissioning, configuring, and managing smart lighting networks. So, what’s new with Silvair?

SBT Alliance & Silvair Partner Update

Silvair Takes Home LFI Innovation Award

Lfi silvair innovation award 2019 sbt post

At this year’s LIGHTFAIR® International Conference Silvair walked away, winning LFI’s 2019 Innovation Award. Silvair’s Commissioning System took the top spot in the “Control and Distribution Systems, Connectivity, and Analytics” category. SBT Alliance was excited to learn about the award and the stiff competition that Silvair was up against and ended up beating out.
As outlined by our Silvair partners, “….the list of products submitted in this category included innovative solutions from multiple established brands, such as Osram, Eaton, Lutron Electronics, and Crestron Electronics. The shortlist included three finalists – Silvair, Osram and Signify (formally Philips Lighting)” with Silvair coming out on top. Silvair CEO, Rafal Han,
stated: “It is a great honor and a proof that we are doing the right thing. Advanced lighting control strategies can drive enormous energy savings on a global scale. With our solutions, we are making them easier and more affordable than ever before. We are democratizing lighting control because we believe that any building can be smart.”

SBT Alliance congratulates our friends at Silvair on this achievement.


Silvair Launches Largest SIG-qualified Bluetooth Mesh Network

Bluetooth network silvair lfi sbt post

Silvair also announced the launch of their largest SIG-qualified Bluetooth Mesh Network. The sensor-driven lighting control project was installed at the Macq Mobility Management headquarters in Brussels and is the most significant office implementation of a SIG-qualified Bluetooth Mesh to date. This Brussels project showcases the flexibility of Bluetooth mesh and the Silvair lighting control solution.


Silvair Bluetooth Mesh for Commercial Office

Macq mobility silvair project sbt post

This retrofit project included the entire office of Macq Mobility Management and encompassed new LED lighting, wireless fixture controllers, and wireless occupancy & light sensors. The holistic solution allowed for the partitioning of the system into 50 unique zones to accommodate the varying needs of each space.

A big congrats to Silvair on the launch.



Silvair’s Web-Connected Bluetooth Mesh Platform

Silvair cloud services lfi announcement sbt post

One of the last big LFI announcements from Silvair was the launch of their new web-connected service. This new cloud-based portal gives end-users the ability to log into their Bluetooth® lighting system from any secure web-browser. Some of the key benefits of this cloud-based access include:

• Reconfiguring lighting layouts from anywhere
• Optimize energy consumption in near real-time
• Apply and edit lighting schedules on the fly
• Easily identify potential lighting issues

This new launch now takes the Silvair platform to the next level allowing for more flexibility, control, and system access to facility management.


What’s Next from Silvair?

With a slew of exciting announcements at this year’s LFI conference, we look forward to seeing what’s next from the Silvair team throughout 2019. As Silvair continues to hone the industry’s only SIG-qualified Bluetooth Mesh solution, SBT Alliance is excited to work in partnership with Silvair.


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