A note from SBT President & CEO Benjamin Buchanan

There comes a time in a professional’s career when they have to ask themselves if they are doing all they can to help the industry that has gotten them to the place they are today. I am humbly at this place in my life and have made a concerted effort to build a company that spends more time helping than taking. We have turned our focus toward asking where we can make a difference, and our Beyond the Watt series is one of many ways we feel we can make this difference. It’s in this spirit that we bring you our Blog, Vlog, and Podcast series: Beyond the Watt. Produced by SBT Alliance, we aim to bring the decades of experience we have in LED, controls, IoT, retrofit and energy efficiency to shed light on some of the more challenging aspects of our industry today.

A note from SBT President & CEO Benjamin Buchanan

I’d like us to expand our thinking beyond the traditional scope of the energy efficiency discussion and look to the future of what lies ahead of us.  This is why we are calling this Blog Series, “Beyond the Watt”.  The Watts are what got us here, but if we can’t see beyond that simple value proposition, we’ll get left behind.  

Here are some areas I’ll be covering in this Blog series.  We’ll be dealing with real issues around governing bodies, and their role in helping and hurting our industry.  Discussing the dynamics of LED, how they are built, sourced, and developed into our living and working space, and the real effects they have us as humans.  Diving into the controls systems on the market, evaluating their true values and applications, and bringing true guidance to the industry on what to use and where.  And finally, we’ll want to brainstorm, collaborate, and think outside the box on the topics of how to use these retrofits, and LED installs to bring new technology into the building that will change the way our buildings operate forever. 

We’re very interested in hearing back from our readers and viewers on the topics they would like us to cover, and how we can better tune our delivery to keep this an informative tool for everyone to use, without any distractions.  We don’t intend to allow anyone to sponsor this venture. 
We’ll stay product agnostic, and as non-biased as possible.  We’re not making money off this, so you won’t need to worry about commercials, or noisy marketing.  We aren’t trying to sell you anything.  Again, we’re giving back.  I truly hope this is of value to as many as possible, and makes all of your businesses better for it.   

Thank you all for your support, and let’s get this thing started! 


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