Fixture Manufacturers

Helping our fixture manufacturer partners successfully navigate the complex channel of advanced networked controls is at the core of both SBT Alliance companies, Integrated Advanced Controls and Glued Solutions.


SBT Alliance company, Glued Solutions, is the industry’s foremost expert on wireless networked controls. Glued Solutions is a leading smart control system provisioning, commissioning, and support partner. Having served the channel since 2009, and with over one-hundred-million square-feet of provisioned spaces under its belt, Glued Solutions provides a critical support arm for many of our fixture manufacturer partners, thereby alleviating the risk of “owning” a networked controls system.


SBT Alliance company, Integrated Advanced Controls, has over twenty years of controls manufacturing experience. Integrated Advanced Controls pioneered a vehicle for fixture manufacturers to embed the latest advanced controls directly into their fixture lines. This unique vehicle radically expands a fixture manufacturer's smart controls offering.


When it comes to advanced networked controls there are a few difficult questions that every fixture manufacturer must answer:

1. How can I provide a controls solution to the market without the liability of “owning” a sensitive software system indefinitely?
2. How do I provide the sales and technical support that’s required when offering advanced controls?
3. Who will design the systems?
4. Who trains the installers/end-users?
5. How does everyone get paid (Agents/Manufacturer/etc.)?


Let’s take the first step in working together and defining how Smarter Building Technologies Alliance can start making your life a little more efficient, streamlined, and interactive.