Current, powered by GE utilizes Daintree Controls to provide full-featured wireless networked controls for lighting, HVAC, and plug loads. Running on the ZigBee protocol, Daintree wireless controls can help manage an entire portfolio of smart buildings or a single standalone facility. The Daintree solution comes in three tiers: Daintree One (Standalone Controls), Daintree EZ Connect (Room-based Lighting Controls), and Daintree Enterprise (Full IoT Solution)


Below are some of the highlights that come from using Current / Daintree products.

Sbt best application iot led controls fixtures


• Warehouse
• Manufacturing
• Office
• Municipalities, Universities, Schools, Hospitals (MUSH)
• Multi-Facility

Sbt best features iot led controls fixtures


• ZigBee Mesh Network
• Remote Scheduling
• Dimming Control
• Occupancy
• Energy Monitoring
• Data Tracking

Sbt best requirements iot led controls fixtures


• Internet Connection
• Ethernet Cabling for Wireless Area Controllers


SBT Alliance is a long-term strategic partner with Current, powered by GE and has an deep understanding of the Daintree solution. SBT Alliance company, Glued Solutions has deployed hundreds-of-millions of square-feet of commercial spaces and is recognized as an Elite VAR Partner of Current, powered by GE.

Current's leading open wireless controls solutions deliver dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before. Daintree helps smart buildings run more efficiently and with increased productivity while also providing a platform for the Internet of Things.


Our long-term partnership with Current has allowed us to go BEYOND THE WATT in providing Wireless HVAC Controls. For example, their Wireless commercial programmable thermostat connects single or multistage conventional or heat pump HVAC systems that allow for automatic temperature control from anywhere.

Facility managers work directly with SBT Alliance to pre-configure and set automated and manual control strategies through the Daintree Enterprise software. Coupled with SBT Alliance system provisioning and commissioning services, set-up is simple, and making changes is even more simple: it's all done through the web-based application in coordination with our dedicated remote support team. The result is the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective networked wireless solution that addresses multiple key building applications.