Car Dealerships

In the highly competitive automotive market, every little detail counts in separating your dealership from the competition – your dealership’s indoor and outdoor lighting is no exception.


If you want your showroom car colors to pop, then it’s critical that your lights have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating. Color Rendering Index is a rating system used to determine how a light source makes the color of an object appear to the human eye. As such, SBT Alliance ensures your new LED fixtures have the appropriate CRI to showcase your autos.


Curb appeal isn’t the only thing you’ll benefit from with upgraded lighting. It’s been shown that enhanced outdoor light levels additionally increase exterior security. Including enhanced camera coverage and keeping loiterers at bay. Well-lit indoor areas, such as service bays, have also been shown to improve worker safety.


Having the flexibility to adapt your lighting system to evolve with your dealership is one of the key benefits of a networked lighting system. As your needs and space use changes over time, a connected lighting system gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily make adjustments to lighting zones, levels of light, and much more.


Upgrading to LED lighting and IoT-based controls are the first steps to improving your dealership’s energy efficiency. But unlocking the vast streams of data from your control system is what creates a smarter dealership. SBT Alliance provides our auto dealership clients custom application development services that unlock the power of your dealership’s data. This includes customized car dealership apps that drive customer and sales engagement.


Let’s take the first step in working together and defining how Smarter Building Technologies Alliance can start making your life a little more efficient, streamlined, and interactive.