Work Smarter, Not Harder

Who knew your lighting system would be able to collect information on occupancy patterns and provide interactive real-time heat mapping? Sounds a little ‘big brother is watching’ right? Hear me out. Less than 50% of the average office space is utilized. That’s a discerning amount of space that is being lit for no reason at all. Smart building infrastructure with a connected lighting system can do so much more than “Let There Be Light”. Today’s newest technologies allow the system to grow and learn right along with the company itself. Occupancy is an important part of your team. Learning the patterns and habits of your employees is the most important step in learning how to reduce your energy consumption and in turn your energy bill. How many times have you walked down the hall and the light in conference room B is on, yet there is no one inside?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your new connected lighting system can tell you that every day after 3pm conference room B is empty. After bringing this crucial knowledge to light the necessary adjustments can be made.  

What about Bob from accounting who is always on the run? Someone always needs his attention which leaves you sitting in Bob’s office for an hour before finally catching him. What if you could find Bob with the tap of a button? Imagine how much time it would save you. We are all busy people and sometimes a desk just isn’t the best place to find someone.  

Productivity and potential are two keys to a successful business. Imagine trying to get any work done without sufficient lighting? I can already feel the impending headache. Proper lighting has been proven to increase productivity in employees. No company can reach their full potential without the proper tools. Although lighting traditionally may not be considered a tool, it really is, and it is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. 
We could keep going on why a connected lighting system can open doors for you but instead, see for yourself the many benefits:   

  • Gather information on energy consumption  
  • Lower energy consumption  
  • Manage and reduce energy  
  • Support sustainability  
  • Reduce Operational Costs  
  • Reduce Labor Costs  
  • Increase productivity  
  • Account for all staff   
  • Single dashboard to control multiple sites  
  • Integrate lighting system with other systems – HVAC 
  • Individual Customization for each employee  
  • Location Based information – find a colleague  
  • Indoor Navigation – Maps  
  • Gather information on occupancy patterns  
  • Gather data on activities in illuminated spaces  
  • Offer insight to occupancy patterns  
  • Offer insight on where the most optimal work spot is in relation to your schedule that day  
  • Find a meeting room for you and your colleagues based on proximity  
  • Detect presence and automatically confirm whether a meeting room is available  


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