McWong & SBT Alliance Partner Update

For the past thirty-plus years, McWong International has produced superior lighting controls and related electrical power and protection components. Today, the company has drastically changed focus to make big leaps in engineering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

McWong & SBT Alliance Partner Update

Hi all. Kevin, here. Keeping in line with our IoT-Ecosystem Partner updates from this year’s LIGHTFAIR® International Conference, next up: McWong International.

Let’s jump in to see some of the updates McWong announced at this year’s LIGHTFAIR® conference.

Edison Report Recognizes McWong as “MUST SEE”

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McWong was one of the few organizations at this year’s LIGHTFAIR® conference to have a new product launch included in Edison Report’s Top Ten “MUST See.” The Edison Report “MUST See” award focuses on new products at LIGHTFAR® International, and this year, McWong’s Smart Outdoor Lighting Control platform earned a nod from Edison Report.

Bluetooth-enabled Smart Outdoor Lighting Control Platform

Building on McWong’s award-winning Bluetooth® mesh hardware solutions, their new Bluetooth-enabled Smart Outdoor Lighting Control Platform provides users and system specifiers with robust control capability through a range of devices. Such devices include:

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McWong Forges New Technology Partnership at LIGHTFAIR®

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The second big McWong update from this year’s LIGHTFAIR® was a new partnership announcement. Accurate to the McWong and SBT-Alliance model of product agnosticism, McWong announced a new industry partnership with Autani Building Controls. The new collaboration infuses McWong control device capabilities into Autani’s EnergyCenter and Energy Manager solutions. This collaborative integration adds McWong’s vast array of sensors to the Autani platform. In our opinion, this partnership announcement is just another testament to the importance of industry partnerships and a product-agnostic approach to engineering and deploying smarter building solutions.

Building Stronger McWong and SBT Alliance Ecosystems

Both McWong and Smarter Building Technologies Alliance are keen on fostering a product-agnostic approach to engineering smart IoT-based solutions. As such, both McWong and SBT Alliance share many of the same industry partners and service them in complementary ways: McWong from the component end and SBT Alliance from a systems integration, application development, and technical support end.

Some shared SBT Alliance and McWong ecosystem partners include Bluetooth® controls leaders Avi-On Labs and Silvair.

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Another McWong LIGHTFAIR® Ends

Just as quickly as it was upon us, so too did it end. It was great that we were able to meet up with our partners at McWong and learn about all of the new and exciting things they have been cooking in their kitchen.

We look forward to seeing more in the near future and be part of McWong’s continual evolution within the Internet of Things space.


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