Avi-On Labs Product Announcements

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In this week’s post, I wanted to take a bit of a deeper dive into some of the announcements that our IoT-Controls Ecosystem Partner Avi-On shared at this year’s show. Taking things one step further, I also wanted to share some of our team’s thoughts on how these announcements affect the industry/provide some new opportunities for end-users and system designers.

Highlights from the show include the following...
• Energy Monitoring
• Internal Fixture Adapter along with External Power Pack to enable Energy Monitoring for a single fixture or at the circuit level
• Plug Load Controller – soon to release product

Let's jump in...

Avi-On Labs Product Announcements

Avi-On Labs Product Announcements

Smart Control Energy Monitoring

One of the top announcements coming from Avi-On at this year’s show was energy monitoring. Following the June release of their new Fixture Adaptor products, Avi-On now provides the capability for full measured energy and fixture health monitoring. 

What does this mean for end users and system specifiers? Well, a few things:

Avi on utility incentives avi on sbt alliance

1. Utility Incentives

Firstly, the capability to capture energy monitoring data now provides end users and system specifies the ability to qualify and secure the highest tier of utility incentives and rebates on projects; truly a win-win and now pumps Avi-On into the top tier of networked controls solutions.

Avi on digital lights consortium avi on sbt alliance

2. Meeting DLC Requirements

Another nice benefit of fixture monitoring is that DLC is soon to release new requirements for advanced lighting controls that now require energy monitoring. Another win-win for the Avi-On solution. Staying ahead of the curve is always a benefit to end-users and system specifiers.

Avi on energy monitoring sbt alliance partner

3. Historical Data Collection

The Avi-On system can now store all collected energy data and have it available through its web browser interface. A great benefit to system users and operators. With the ability to review historical data, operators and energy managers can spot energy/usage patterns with far more ease.


Internal Fixture Relay Adapters

Avi on internal fixture relay adapter sbt partner

In conjunction with Avi-On’s announcement of energy monitoring capabilities came their announcement of a new line of Internal Fixture Relay Adapters. The newly launched adapters are the workhouse that provides the capability for energy monitoring. Other features and benefits include:
• 0-10V Dimming
• Switches AC Power Output
• Tunable White
• Energy Monitoring
• Push Connectors
• Software Only UL 942 Listing
• Persistent Memory
• Compact Size
• Sensor Ready


Plug Load Controller To Launch Soon

Avi on hand hold electric plug into the outlet

One of the last things that were new to the Avi-On line up this year was their announcement of a new plug load controller. As with their move to energy monitoring, the plug load controller will be a great addition to expanding their smart energy management portfolio.


What’s SBT’s Point of View?

I had the chance to sit down with our Chief Technology Officer, Tony Garcia, to pick his brain about Avi-on’s updates. Here’s what he had to say:

“… After spending some time at the Avi-on booth at LFI2019, I was very impressed with the progress they had made over that last year. There were several new product releases, but a couple in particular that caught my eye. The two new releases that first piqued my interest was the new IFA (Internal Fixture Adaptor) and their RESTful API. The IFA is a Bluetooth mesh, line voltage powered relay with 0-10 volt dimming capabilities. The IFA also provides the ability to do power monitoring and reporting which a great feature.  Paired with the Avi-on Energy Dashboard, we now have a perfect solution for simple wireless control and energy monitoring. Now if you want to take things a bit further, you can use the open API to develop custom reports and even send email alerts – something that I’m going to be actively working on with the Avi-On team. Exciting new features, good job to Avi-on!”

Avi-On Energy Dashboard - Here are some snaps of Avi-On’s new Energy Dashboard!

Avi on dashboards copy 2


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