Advanced Controls Manufacturers

As an advanced networked controls manufacturer, you’re likely to be on the cutting-edge of technological innovation. The challenge comes when navigating the often convoluted distribution channels.


SBT Alliance company, Integrated Advanced Controls (IAC), has over twenty years of controls manufacturing experience, bringing you deep market insight and strategies on how to best navigate various distribution channels. IAC’s innovative services provide a vehicle for you to streamline your distribution by pre-installing your advanced controls solutions into any LED fixture, no matter the manufacturer.

Sbt alliance smart technology iot lighting as a service for advanced controls manufacturers1

Sbt alliance advanced controls for iot lighting as a service2


Integrated Advanced Controls helps our controls manufacturer clients solve problems, not create them. IAC assists our controls partners in answering critical questions posed by fixture manufacturers:

  • How do I provide a controls solution to the market without the liability of “owning” a sensitive software system indefinitely?
  • How do I provide the sales and technical support that’s required when offering advanced controls?
  • Who will design the control systems?
  • Who trains the installers/end-users?
  • How does everyone get paid (Agents/Manufacturer/etc.)?

IAC pioneered a creative solution that addresses each of these market challenges.


SBT Alliance company, Glued Solutions, is the industry’s foremost expert on wireless technologies including, Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, WiFi, and more. Glued Solutions brings this technological know-how to the table to streamline the deployment, commissioning, and ongoing support of systems long term – allowing you to focus on what’s important to you and your team: developing the next wave of innovative technologies.

Sbt alliance smart technology iot lighting as a service for advanced controls manufacturers3


Let’s take the first step in working together and defining how Smarter Building Technologies Alliance can start making your life a little more efficient, streamlined, and interactive.